We Are Via Novus

Via Novus is a Hard Rock / Alternative Metal group from Mississippi. The band was first conceptualized in November of 2016 and played its debut show the subsequent New Years Eve. After this initial show, the group would spend months writing and rewriting material before arriving at its current musical identity. In August of 2017, Via Novus began writing and production for their debut EP "Dusk To Dust", released March 9th, 2018. Within two months of its release, the self-produced EP garnered thousands of organic streams on Spotify and Apple Music and landed the band international online radio and FM airplay. 

Each member has their own distinct musical backgrounds, creating an incredibly diverse set of musical influences. Their sound is comparable to that of Breaking Benjamin, old school Thirty Seconds To Mars, and Evanescense. Via Novus is aesthetically driven by Victorian fashion with hints of androgynous themes popularized by artists such as David Bowie and Boy George. Drawing on their crowd-chanting motto "We are Via Novus", their live package promises an interactive and high energy performance, making the audience feel truly a part of the show and perhaps even the band itself.

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